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Latina Approved Drugstore Mascaras

Latina Approved Drugstore Mascaras

Of course, we’d all love to be rockin that Chanel mascara, but let’s be real most of us are balling on a budget and will have to deal with the best that CVS has to offer. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $15 on mascara. And I know exactly which mascara it was because I remember being in line at Sephora thinking ” wtf am I doing!” It was the ” Better Than Sex,” mascara by Too Faced, which I actually really liked so I don’t regret the purchase. It was the mini one they have in the checkout line next to all the other mini things you end up grabbing because ehh what’s another $10-$15, right? Aside from that impulsive buy at Sephora, I usually buy my mascara at stores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid , Target, or Walmart. Listing some tested Latina Approved drugstore mascaras! 

Total Temptation Washable Mascara (Mascara for Volume)

Mascara builds lashes for full and soft volume.

The Falsies (Mascara for Lengthening)

Mascara creates more visible eyelashes for a glam look. The clump-free formula delivers bigger, thicker, and fuller lashes for dramatic volume.

Lash Blast Volume Mascara (Mascara for Volume)

Designed to max out each and every lash leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look with ten times more volume instantly

VOLUMINOUS® Original Mascara (Mascara for Volume

Voluminous® Volume Building Mascara is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, soften and build lashes up to 5X their natural thickness.

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Latinas Can Conquer It All! Education, family & dinero

Latinas Can Conquer It All! Education, family & dinero

Growing up Latina many of us are raised to believe that education is the foundation to succeeding in life. Many of our immigrant parents didn’t have the privilege of going to school and earning a degree because their focus was to provide for their families. This is why earning a degree within the Latinx community is so important, because aside from it being an accomplishment for ourselves, a diploma is a symbolic reward of our parents’ efforts and sacrifices.

It has been amazing to see the rise in Latinas obtaining a higher education and thanks to social media the exposure of Latina graduates has increased as well. We’ve also come to learn that unfortunately, Latinas are among the groups that are affected by student loan debt the most. There are many factors as to why this is and having dealt with student loans first-hand, we understand the frustration and toll it can take on our lives. Even after achieving a well-paying job, the cost of living makes it difficult to start making those student loan payments we had been dreading.

My personal experience with student loans has not been a fun one. After graduating from college, I started off paying a really high amount because I didn’t know that there were other options available to me such as income-driven repayment plans. Since then I honestly haven’t really made much of a dent in what I owe because I have had to ask for forbearance due to life emergencies, unexpected bills, last minute travel plans with the besties, etc. I wish I would have educated myself more on my options and asked for help from experts instead of pausing my loans because all I have done is accrue interest and now I owe more. That summer trip to Italy isn’t looking so cute now that I still have a ways to go with my student loans.

I am first generation, my parents immigrated from Mexico and barely speak English so student loans is one of the many things I’ve had to figure out on my own. My younger sister is receiving her Bachelor’s Degree next year so I try to help her as much as I can. I don’t want her to make some of the same irresponsible financial decisions I made and I also encourage her to educate herself on the ways she can beat student loan debt.

Luckily there are resources available that can help guide us all through this process and help alleviate that debt stress. We are really happy to have crossed paths with Chipper, a LATINA APPROVED student loan automation company that offers help with income-driven repayment plans and forgiveness programs! Chipper is committed to empowering and supporting Latinas because they understand how student loans affect WOC the most and want to guide us on a path toward being student loan debt free. 

We encourage all of our educated Latinas who are dealing with student loans to click HERE to get started with Chipper for free.  

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Feel like you are on vacation without breaking the bank

Feel like you are on vacation without breaking the bank

Want to feel like you’re on vacation without leaving Los Angeles?

Well girl let me tell you about this hidden gem in Los Angeles called DAMA restaurant! Whether you live in Los Angeles or come to visit you must check out this restaurant! Upon arrival to the location you would never guess this restaurant exist because it is right next to the “callejones” (Santee Alley) in Downtown LA! 

DAMA is a latin vibes restaurant and the staff is amazing!! We went with a few girlfriends and from the host to the bartender to the server and restaurant manager we got great service and not to mention food and drinks were delicioso ;0) !! Our absolute favorite drink by popular vote was Latina Lover 😉 a tequila drink! I promise you , you will not regret it!! In regards to the food it is to die for!! From the elotes to the tacos and guacamole (se me hace agua la boca) just thinking about it! Oh and what makes this restaurant even better is the music! You’ll hear anything from salsa to top hit reggeaton and anything that is latin vibes! I must say that DAMA is definitely Latina Approved! This is a great date night or girls dinner date restaurant. It is highly recommended! You will forget that you are in LA right next to Santee Alley 😉 

Now I will let the pictures speak for themselves! 

TIP: Make sure to book reservations ahead of time because it can get booked real quick!

Link goes here

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Designer Michelle Muñoz Empowers the Latina Community through Art

Designer Michelle Muñoz Empowers the Latina Community through Art

We had the great pleasure of working with the talented Michelle Muñoz on our Latina Approved Loteria game and are so excited we had the chance to do a Q&A interview with her. She is an inspiring, hardworking, and exceptional Latina artist. Her work ranges from social media posts, prints, stickers, greeting cards, and so much more! Michelle’s designs showcase the beauty within the Latin culture and we can’t wait to see all of her future projects!

Q: Tell us about yourself and upbringing 

A: I’m a freelance illustrator/designer based in Southern California. I grew up in a very traditional Mexican household. Both my parents were born and raised in Mexico so growing up, I always embraced my culture.

Q: What is a tradition within your culture that is special to you?

A: Christmas is a big deal for my family, especially when it comes to food. My family and I spend the night before Christmas Eve making tamales. We play music, share our favorite memories, and just have fun. Ever since I was young, all I remember was seeing the Christmas lights lit up around the house and my family gathered in the kitchen making tamales and pozole. This tradition is centered around the importance of family and I will forever cherish these memories.

Q: How did you get started working as a designer? 

A: I’ve always loved creating art since I was young. I would say the pivotal point was when I decided to major in Studio Art in college. While in college, I was hired as a UI designer. This led me to discover new skills and I began to create my own, personal artwork. The rest is history!

Q: What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

A: I’ve had the opportunity to work on so many amazing projects and to collaborate with incredible creatives! I’ve loved collaborating with: She Se Puede, GRL Collective, The Mexican Beauty, Always, Joe Paleta, This is About Humanity, and of course, Latina Approved! There are so much more but this list would get really long really quick! I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to work with such wonderful people! 

Q: What are some challenges that you’ve faced as a designer and how have you overcome them?

A: Like many other artists, I struggle with Imposter Syndrome. The feeling that your work isn’t good enough and people will eventually disengage can be scary. However, I’m constantly reminding myself that I’ve come so far and that I shouldn’t be the one to tear myself down.

Q: What advice do you have for women wanting to take a leap of faith on themselves, but might be afraid to start? 

A: Go for it! I was terrified when I first started but I knew that if I wanted it, I had to take a leap of faith! Focus on your goals and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You got this! 

Q: Who is a woman you look up to and why? 

A: Definitely my mom. I’m incredibly blessed to have such a supportive mother who is always cheering me on. I admire her optimism and ambition to live life to the fullest. I strive to be more like her every day. 

Q: How have you stayed centered throughout this pandemic? (ex: working out, reading, etc.)

A: I’m a major homebody so staying home hasn’t been that difficult for me. I spend my days working out, listening to music, creating art, and watching Friends all day (I’ve re-watched all ten seasons multiple times during this pandemic). 

Q: What is your life motto?

A: I truly believe in the saying, “Dios aprieta pero no ahorca” (God only gives you what you can handle).

Q: What can we expect from you in the coming year? Any major goals/ plans?

A:  More art! I have a list of projects I want to create for the following year and can’t wait to share with you all!  

Keep up with Michelle on Instagram at @ittsmichellemunoz

Visit her shop on Etsy at IttsMichelleMunoz.