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3 Novelas That Shaped the Dramatic Latina I am Today

Can you believe there was once a time when we couldn’t just binge watch our favorite television show on a streaming platform, but instead we had to wait an entire day to see what was going to happen! We would lose sleep wondering if the main characters would finally be together or if the protagonist would survive that terrible accident. I remember running home from school every day excited for my mom’s home cooked meals and to see the next episode of my favorite novela (which kept me from doing my math homework). Looking back at my childhood I really thought high school was going to be like a novela, that there would be passion and drama, it all seems silly now. Sharing below three of my favorite novelas that shaped the dramatic Latina I am today.

Clase 406

Credit – Televisa


Credit – Televisa

Primer Amor a mil por hora

Credit – Televisa

What were some of you favorite novelas?!

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